I do when I have a problem with a P2P trade in OKx

I do when I have a problem with a P2P trade in OKx

What is a dispute?

A dispute is a way to escalate a disagreement or transaction dispute with our team. On the Order details page, select 'Dispute' and our customer service will handle it.

How to submit a dispute?

If you have a problem after the transaction has been completed, you can raise a dispute by contacting customer service or submit a dispute via the Order details page. 

How do I check the progress of the dispute?

Go to 'P2P Trading' and tap 'My Orders', then select the order to see dispute details.

How do I cancel a dispute?

Go to the order details page that you have submitted a dispute, then you can find the 'Cancel Dispute' button.

How does the customer service handles my dispute?

Our customer service team will investigate each case based on the order details and payment proofs. 

What if there is a disagreement between buyers and sellers?

Go to the Order details page and select 'Dispute' to ask for help. Our customer support team will assist you with any P2P issues.