OKxx Splitting Jackpot Rules

OKxx Splitting Jackpot Rules


Reward No.1: Snag bonus
1. You get points by inviting your friends and you can use them to snag bonus from prize pool. Higher points means a bigger bonus.
2. Results will be announced within 3-7 days after the event finishes.
3. The details to get your points are as follows:
ActionYour friends and you can get
register1 point
Facial recognition for new users2 points
New users to trade over 100USDT9 points

Reward No.2: Invite your friends

1. Invite your friends and get a $25 super packet
2. The rules are as follows:
ActionYour friends and you can get
Facial recognition for new users10,000 SHIB
New users to trade over 100USDT25 USDT rebate card
1. Risk controlled users can't join the events or claim rewards
2. Rewards for invitation include SHIB and rebate cards
3.Use your points to snag bonus , otherwise they expire after the events finish
4. Rebate cards are valid within 15 days
5. Bonus for red packets have a top limit, first come, first served
6. Please note that ranking is not updated in real time~Meanwhile, there is a time difference in the counting system for total rewards and total points, therefore they don't necessarily correspond in real time
7. The value of a red packet is measured based on the price of $0.000033 per SHIB. The platform doesn't hold responsible for any drops of SHIB value due to market volatility.
8. Please note that total reward doesn't include rewards from the prize pool~There will be notifications in regard to prize pool rewards within 3-7 days after the event is over and please keep an eye on pop-ups
9. All rights reserved by OKxx for the event