Gate​.io Trader's Margin and Trader levels description Trader's Margin and Trader levels description 

1.2 Trader's Margin
The trader's margin is the USDT margin in the trader's future account. Traders can enter/exit the margin at any time.

2. Trader levels description
Trader levels include: entry-level, primary, intermediate, and advanced. Different levels correspond to different authorities in lead trading. After you apply to become a trader and your application is approved, you will become a primary trader. You can submit material in lead-trading management to apply for an upgrade. Currently, only upgrading from low-level to high-level is allowed, and a downgrade is not supported.

The levels’ authority:


Users can submit upgrade materials after your condition review is approved, and then get upgraded after being reviewed and approved iny the backend. The review time is expected to be within 5 working days. The hard conditions that need to be met for upgrade are as follows (you can get upgraded if all the conditions are met):



The required materials are as follows:
<1> Personal profile: This is required. Fill in personal information, with no more than 250 characters.
<2> Brief Introduction to transaction background: Fill in the transaction background information, with no more than 250 characters. This is also required.
<3> Social account: This is optional. Telegram, Twitter, with no more than 100 characters.
<4> Screenshot of transaction return: This is required. Multiple pictures can be submitted, with supported formats of JPG, JPEG, PNG, whose maximum size should not exceed 2MB, with no more than 5PCS.
*If the lead trader is disqualified by the platform due to cheating or illegal operation, the copy positions led by him will be closed at the market price immediately. Profits from copying will not be shared, but will be owned by the copier himself. If there is a loss, the platform reserves the right to investigate the role of the trader.