Gate​.io Trader Detailed instructions on how to perform lead trading Trader Detailed instructions on how to perform lead trading

3.1 Description of leading future
The list of supported leading futures is as follows, which may be adjusted later according to the actual situation. After the trader's future position value (trader + copier) reaches the upper limit, the trader can continue to trade this future, but the user will no longer copy it. The user will continue to copy this future until its position value is lower than the upper limit.


3.2 API Trading
Position changes will be triggered if the trader use’s API trading, and users will also copy synchronously.

3.3 Description of leading parameters
You can set the led parameters in [Led by me - Leading Mode]. The items that can be set include: profit share, trading style label, trading market, and lead description, which will take effect immediately after saving;

<1>. Profit-sharing: single choice, four levels of 8%, 10%, 12%, and 14% are available. Users are only allowed to choose the level that is less than or equal to the upper limit of their trader level, and options beyond the upper limit are not allowed.
<2>. Trading style label: multiple choices (1-3), the system built-in options include: long-term, scalpers , high-frequency, low-frequency, aggressive, conservative;
<3>. Trading market: multiple selections, at least one selected, you can select all. The data range is based on the top 20 futures in monthly trading volume, only the selected futures are allowed in lead trading, and the unselected futures cannot be traded. If there is a current position or entrusted order for the future, it cannot be canceled.
<4>. Description of leading: This is required, with a maximum of 255 characters.

3.4 Description of leading data
ROI: the rate of return on investment.
ROI Amount: cumulative total income amount, ROI Amount = account assets - principal.
AUM: The current total asset management scale, that is, the sum of the total equity of the current copying users.
Total assets: the sum of the total equity of the trader's future account.
Maximum Draw Down: refers to the maximum drawdown value of the yield when the net value of the product reaches the lowest point when it is pushed back at any historical point in the selected cycle.
Sharpe ratio: used to compare the volatility of portfolio returns that exceeds the risk-free rate with portfolio returns.
Trades: one trade is completed when a future position drops to 0 after it is opened.
Win Trades: complete a transaction and make a profit.
Loss Trades: complete a trade without profit (loss or profit = 0).
Win Rate: Winning rate = (number of profits/number of transactions) * 100%.
Cumulative Copiers: the total number of cumulative copiers, a single user has copied the same trader N times, the statistics+N.
Current copiers: the total number of users who are copying currently.

3.5 How to check the copiers?
Traders can view the data of copiers in [Leading Mode], and can view the current and historical copiers’ data, including the copying amount and return:


3.6 Traders’ Risk Control Instructions
<1> The future has an upper limit on the position value. When the total position value of the trader and his copiers reach the upper limit, the copier will no longer copy the future to open a position.
[1] The upper limit of the value of BTC and ETH positions is 1,000,000 USDT for long and short positions separately.
[2] The upper limit of the value of other future positions is 500,000 USDT for long and short positions separately.
<2> The trader leverage can be customized according to the leverage range of the trading pair, and the user needs to specify the leverage multiple: the optional range of BTC and ETH is 1-20 times, and the other futures are 1-10 times.
<3>Traders can choose to trade in the cross/isolated mode, and the copiers will use the isolated mode only to copy.