How to Submit A Retrieval Application in Gate​.io

How to Submit A Retrieval Application in

In order to improve user experience, has launched a new feature - retrieval of wrongly deposited funds. If you have wrongly deposited a coin, you can submit a retrieval application to get your funds back. This feature is only available on web for the moment.

How to submit a retrieval application

1. If you have deposited the wrong coin during a transaction, go to the bottom of the page and find "Deposit tips" and click "Please submit retrieval application" (marked in red).

Note: A retrieval application charges a fee of 100USDT, please make sure you have a sufficient balance in your account.


2. On the "Please submit retrieval application" window, select the blockchain.


①You'll need to ensure that your transfer TxID can be found in the blockchain browser, then click "Next".


② Enter your TxID, token contract address, deposit amount, and receiving address (i.e.: address for the token to return to). Confirm the information and click "Submit".


3. Enter the fund password and click "Submit" to complete the retrieval process.


How to view block info:

1. Steps to view block info: "Common Questions with Deposit"

Please note: The receiving address is the address that the funds are sent from, aka the address behind "From:" on the block info page

2. If you cannot lookup block info for certain reasons, feel free to reach out to the coin issuer's customer service

3. Alternatively, if you can provide the coin name, transaction hash and the blockchain name, you are also welcome to contact customer service agents in a live chat or submit a ticket