Bitflex exchange​ BETA testing: zero-fee trades

Bitflex exchange BETA testing: zero-fee trades


Bitflex.Inc has today announced that it is starting the BETA test of its cryptocurrency exchange, the Bitflex exchange, and plans to officially launch the exchange later in October this year.

The Bitflex exchange offers a user-based interface that has built-in notifications, charting tools and news to enable users to access a superior environment to make educated trades. Additionally, the exchange will offer up to eight trading pairs for linear perpetual swaps.

While making the announcement, the CEO Ee Wui Yang said:

“We are so excited to finally be opening up beta testing after a long road of development. We are confident the platform we have built will provide a safe and enjoyable trading environment for our users.”

Bitflex exchange BETA testing

The Bitflex CEO also went ahead to say that the exchange will offer “zero-fee trades” for the first month after the BETA test launch.

Yang said:

“In addition, we are also providing zero-fee trades in our platform for the first month from our BETA testing launch which means anyone who signed up during the BETA testing does not need to pay any trading fees when they trade here. We are one of the few, if not the only crypto exchange in the world that is currently giving out this benefit.”

Commenting on the zero-free trades, the CEO said that they are doing that since they know their platform is still in the works and there may be some things that may require improvement.

Yang said:

“We are doing this for a good reason as we understand that our platform is still in the works and there may be many areas of improvement needed for it to eventually compete with other crypto exchanges like Binance and ByBit and we want to provide an incentive for traders to come into our platform and help us build it through constructive feedback. Hence, we are more than happy to absorb the costs of their trading fees first.”

The team believes the success of the platform will depend on the testers’ feedback. To that end, the testers will also access exciting rewards for what they do.

To participate in the public testing one will require to follow the Bitflex Twitter page for the latest updates on the exchange and also join the BETA testing via a link.

The team has provided tutorials to assist users to understand how the exchange works. The team is also expected to announce a “bug bounty campaign” soon where they will giveaway USDT as rewards.