Binance US Verification process Identity & Proof of Address Documents Policy

Binance US Verification process Identity & Proof of Address Documents Policy

Documents that verify your identity and provide proof of your current address may be required to pass the Identity Verification process or to make any changes to your account.

Listed below are the types of documents you may be asked to produce in order to use the Binance.US platform:

Identity Documents

Government-issued ID

Government-issued identification documents include the following:

  • U.S. Passport (information page)

  • State Driver's license (front and back)

  • Federal/State-issued ID card (front and back)

Note: To ensure a smooth experience with the verification process, please make sure that your ID photos are valid, visible, and easy to read, and that your Legal Name matches the name on your ID.

Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

A valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is required. If you are unable to obtain either, we advise contacting your local Social Security Administration office.

ID Photo or Video Confirmation

You may be required to provide a photo or video confirmation of yourself to pass the verification process or to initiate a particular action on your account.

Proof of Address Documents 

Documents to confirm your proof of address must match the information listed on your Binance.US account and clearly display your name, full residential address, and an issue date within 90 days from the submission date. The following information must be present on the document provided:

  • A name matching the one provided throughout the verification process.

  • A residential address matching the listed address on your Binance.US account.

  • Date of issue/due date within the last 90 days.

Note: We do not accept P.O. Box addresses.

Valid Proof of Address documents include the following:

Bank statements (Must display your name, residential address, and bank information.)

Brokerage statements (Must have brokerage information and the firm logo, as well as show your full name and residential address.)

Credit card statements from reputable institutions

Utility bills (Such as electric, gas, water, internet, telephone landline, waste management, etc. The mailing address must match the residential address we have on file.)

Mortgage statements

Property tax statements

Note: Please upload the full bill or statement. We recommend uploading your document in PDF format. Sensitive data may be covered.

What is NOT considered an acceptable Proof of Address?

  • Bank statements older than 90 days or bank statements from mobile banks (e.g., Chime, Current, Simple, and TransferWise)

  • Unopened, undated, or outdated mail

  • W-2 forms, IRS documents

  • Bank references, notices, or letters

  • Retail credit card statements (e.g. Amazon, etc.)

  • Insurance policies

  • Mobile phone statements

  • Paycheck stubs

  • Pension statements