How do verified Your Binance US Account【On web 】

How do verified Your Binance US Account【On web 】

Verifying Your Account - Completing Basic Verification

To buy, sell, trade, and convert crypto or deposit USD to your account, you must complete Basic Verification.

On web 

1. You've already created and secured your account (if you have not, scroll to the top of the page to learn how). 

To complete Basic Verification, visit your Account Dashboard (Hover over the User Profile drop-down menu on the top right side of the screen, then click Dashboard)


2. Click Verify Identity. 


3. Verify Your Identity. To utilize our platform, you will need to verify your identity. If you are registering on behalf of an institution, please select Verification for Institutions. If you are an individual, please select Verify Identity. 


2. Authenticate SSN. Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Your SSN is required by federal law and all your personal data is securely stored. Then, click Continue. 


3. Enter Your Information. Please enter your full legal name and other requested information into the fields. Once you have entered your information, click Next.

Note: Where possible, the above information may be pre-filled, in addition to your Address Details. If some or all of your information is pre-filled, carefully review the on-screen information and click the Edit button to revise the information. Otherwise, click Continue to proceed. 


4. Confirm Your Residential Address. Please enter your residential address. Once you have entered it and confirmed its accuracy, click Confirm.

Disclaimer: The verification information entered at steps 3 and 4 must precisely match the information that will be shown on your Proof of Address document, and the address entered should be your current residential address. We are unable to accept P.O. Box addresses. 


5. Your identity verification attempt is: 

  • Successful - Depending on your State of Residence, you will either have to carefully review an Account Agreement or you will reach an Identity Verification Successful screen showing you all the features you have access to. Click Add Payment Method to deposit USD to your account using Bank Transfer (ACH) or Debit Card. You're ready to start buying, selling, and trading crypto on Binance.US!

  •  Pending - Your documents have been received and are currently being reviewed. You will receive an email once your Identity Verification status has been updated. Note: Your Identity Verification attempt may be pending due to several factors, including incomplete information or the need for additional information. Check back in a few business days for an update on your status. 

  •  Unsuccessful - Your Identity Verification attempt may have been unsuccessful due to several factors, the most common being incorrect or incomplete information. You may be prompted to Try Again to re-check and re-submit your information. If the Try Again option is not available, contact Customer Support for assistance.